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    Energy boost package Alkagreens Nutrition is very important for your health. Alkagreens are a very good addition to this. Alkagreens is composed of more than 45 natural vegan ingredients, mostly organic. The composition is vegan, gluten and lactose free and has a fresh mild taste due to the addition of a natural forest fruit aroma. In the Alkagreens composition, natural organic ingredients are added such as Bio Barley Grass, Bio Wheat Grass, Bio VitaVeggie Vegetable and Fruit Complex, Bio Agave Inulin, Bio Turmeric, Bio Ashwaganda, Bio Ginger, Bio Moringa, Bio Spirulina, Bio Matcha, Bio Chlorella and Bio Acerola . MCT oil blend MCT is short for Medium Chain Triglycerides. MCT fatty acids are converted into energy in the body. Long-chain fatty acids (which the body also needs) are converted into energy more slowly. MCT is passed directly through the stomach to the liver. The liver converts the fatty acids into fast and long-lasting energy. The advantage is that the fats are only used to a lesser extent for fat storage. It is advantageous for athletes that the mct fatty acids can be used for energy if the glucose in the body is used up after a certain time.
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